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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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R.F. Johnson & Sons by MattsLens
R.F. Johnson & Sons, a photo by MattsLens on Flickr.
We are a small chemical-free farm on the ridge in west Michigan. We grow mostly heirloom varieties and no GMOs. We are in heavy clay and grow everything on raised beds with plastic mulch and drip tape. We mow the grass and weeds in between the rows for green manure and don't use herbicides. We currently have about 10k ever bearing strawberries planted. Our blackberries and raspberries should be available this season.

The main crop on our farm is heirloom peppers and tomatoes, including cherokee purple, chocolate stripes, hillbilly, ananas noire, san marzano, and others. Our goal is to provide the sweetest and best produce grown sustainably and chemical-free. We will be offering chard and kale along with pole beans and cucumbers this season.

We won't be getting an organic certification. Way too much paperwork and the rules are unreasonable. We have been growing chemical free from the beginning.It is something we believe in. The sprays we use our either OMRI listed or something derived from a natural substance. We spray open cab, so to poison the earth would be poisoning ourselves. We use manure and compost tea to get the job done. We rotate our crops and cover crop every year.

Farmers' Market

Schedule and Location:
Ada farmers market,in Ada,MI on Tuesdays from June 21 till October.

Downtown YMCA in Grand Rapids,MI from June 2 till October.

Rockford farmers market downtown Rockford,MI from June until November.

We sell heirloom tomatoes in ten lb boxes for $20 each.Strawberries for $5 qt these are ever bearing,so it goes until heavy frost.peppers are sold by the box=red and golden marconi,quadratti di asti giallos and rosso,colored for availability!

We sell at three farmers markets. Ada on Tuesdays after June 21.

The downtown YMCA on Thursdays from 3pm to 7pm.

Rockford farmers market on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

We take larger orders also - please call or email

R.F. Johnson & Sons Farm ~ 9253 Peach Ridge Ave NW Sparta, MI 49345 ~ (616) 887-0246