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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ronin Empowerment Group

Ronin Empowerment Group, originally uploaded by MattsLens.

Ronin Empowerment Group is a professional organization offering training concerning Conflict Resolution, Assault Prevention, Ethical Leadership, Defensive Tactics & Inspired Living.

We specialize in seminars, workshops & ongoing training regarding:


~Assault Prevention

~Negotiation & De-Escalation

~Close Quarter Combatives

~Self Defense

~Krav Maga

We offer a variety of programs addressing the needs of:

~Law Enforcement, Military & Private Security Personnel

~Emergency Medical & Healthcare Professionals

~Teachers, Professors and School Administrators

~Councilors & Therapists

~Church Leaders & Members

~ROTC, Boy Scout, Girl Scout Groups & Leaders

~Corporate Managers & Employees

~Non-Profit Organizations

~Martial Arts Instructors & Students

~Individuals Interested in Survival, Protection & Empowerment