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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Michigan Blizzard of 2009

The current blizzard conditions of snowing, blowing, ice, and sub zero wind chill has been raging since December eighth two thousand nine. The storm has caused school cancelations, road closures and massive chaos throughout West Michigan communities. The level of awareness and the ability to prepare for these circumstances has allowed us to be able to cope much better than we have in the past. We should alway remember to be prepared when travelling out in this weather no matter how long or short the distance. Must have items to have with you in your car during winter travel in no particular order:
  1. Jumper cables: So you can help someone or help yourself with a jump.
  2. Blankets: Keeping warm while waiting for a wrecker that could take hours is essential.
  3. Cell phone: even if you have an old one that doesn't have a service plan you can still dial 911 for free.
  4. Protein or Granola bars: because you have to eat:)
  5. Flashlights: The LED style are very effective and can be seen for a long way.
  6. Flairs: Can get the attention of passing vehicles and serve a warning to other passing motorists to steer clear of the area.
  7. Extra set of: clothes, gloves, hats, and a scarf.
  8. Communicate: Tell a friend or family member before you leave, and when you get to your destination.
  9. If you don't have to leave then don't:)
Happy and safe travels!

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